Friday, 4 November 2011

8-bit looks at the GTA V trailer

Ever since the glorious announcement of another Grand Theft Auto game everyone has been waiting patiently for Rockstar's trailer to reveal to us the mysteries of this next instalment, that special kind of patient you see in ravenous dogs about to be thrown a bone.

The trailer confirmed much of the Internet murmurs including the geography in which the game is set, the Fictionalised Los Santos, GTA's counterpart to Los Angeles. But glimpses of a freeway in the trailer suggest the game could feature even more areas of the San Andreas State.

Though the Protagonist of the game remains unknown many people have suggested that the voice over for the trailer sounds like Tommy Vercetti  from GTA Vice City though I wouldn't run with it as there is not really anything in the video to that effect. Other than that we see that the game is definitely contrasting to the very real and dire situation of a global recession, with people living on the streets to housing forclosure being seen within it and whether this is merely a backdrop or a major part of its story remains to be seen.

But the best thing for most will be all the aircraft featured, ranging from crop dusters to military fighter jets it sure looks to be bringing back what we love about the franchise.

Here is the trailer leave a comment and tell what you think it hints at.

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