Sunday, 6 November 2011

A glitch in hollywood is a gem in gaming

There has been much fuss lately about the recent decline of Hollywood creativity, From movies made in the 80's right up to the big production films of the last decade nothing is safe, but this blog is not about films, it's about video games so what is the relation?
well are video game remakes mostly a waste of time like movies or does it actually add a new flavour to something that has gone sour.

Nintendo is arguably the most guilty of re-hashing their own games and for the most part I would say it has worked well, The Zelda's and Mario's this company is known for seem to have a winning formula that always feels fresh, the likes of Skyward Sword and Super Mario Galaxy prove that much.


But what about outright remakes? well we have 343 Industries  and their complete rebuild of the original Halo: Combat Evolved, and they have done it masterfully. The differences between  film remake and game remake lay in the elements that make up media, a good movie requires good actors where as a good game need only strike a balance between gameplay and visuals to be appealing. To use the Halo: CE revisit as an example what 343 basically have is a foundation so strong they only way it could of been ruined was to defecate over everything that made the original great, but to ruin a movie all you need to do is have a bad lead role (see the Conan remake).

So when it comes to video games I say bring on the Déjà vu, I've got my hand in for Shadow Man, what about you?.

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