Friday, 14 October 2011

Great moments in gaming history, With spoilers.

Throughout our time as gamers there will be moments when we question whether or not everyone else is right, are we really just wasting our time? Then there are those moments that remind us why we love this medium, these moments jump of the screen with such audacity you get that gut feeling, that one you get when you just saw something so fantastic you'll never forget it. These are some of those Great moments in gaming History...

Zelda Ocarina of Time
 Zelda Ocarina of Time, a game that took so much away from the lives (and education) of those who are defined as Generation Y. But it also gave so much back including this Great Moment I still remember that gut clenching, fear inducing moment when I first saw this arachnid drop down for a chew on link and his fairy, sure there were plenty of other moments in the game but I think this was the first time I saw a boss fight within the 3D generation of games that caused brown marks to appear in ones pants.

Link was definitely not arachnophobic

Full Motion Video

Not a game but a very important part of 90's Video games nonetheless, and the first time you saw one all you could do is long for the day when in-game graphics looked that good. The particular moment will be different for everyone but the feeling is mutual I think.
Leon from Resident Evil 2 being welcomed to Raccoon City

Mortal Kombat
For almost a Generation this series has stood as the very epitome of a game for mature gamers, and the very scorn of entertainment for parents around the globe, welcome to Mortal Kombat! again the moment varies from person to person, be it decapitations, fire breathing or bicycle kicks this game changed gaming demographics forever.
"Test your might!"

Gears of War
So many great moments in this one but it was a unanimous vote from my brother and myself that Kim being impaled by the games antagonist General Ramm was the greatest. It was an intense moment and really made you feel the hopelessness of the COG soldiers.
General Ramm working out with his Kimomatic 3000

 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind 

A game that started off not unlike any other, until you stepped of the boat and realised that this was the biggest, most interactive and lifelike world you had ever encountered in a game.

"Keep moving"

Knights of the old Republic
Not only was this the most excellent adaption of the Star Wars universe ever but it also had one of the biggest plot twists, finding out you were actually The dark lord Revan was just one of those moments that just has to make the list.
Don't you hate when somone puts superglue in your mask?

Gran Turismo
There may have been simulators on the PC scene before Gran Turismo but for many of us this gem was playstation flexing it's CD-Rom muscles, just loading it up and seeing it for what it was could be defined as a great moment.
screech screech screech!

LA Noire
Seeing Team Bondi's use of the new and incredibly creepy MotionScan technology allowed for the first game where characters in a game felt like real people rather than artistic representations and that itself is a great moment in gaming.
For the last time, what happened to my beer?

So here we are at the end of the article and with so many great moments left out. Hopefully though the brain juices are flowing and your pondering all the other games that made you stop and just admire just how far we have come. Check the links for more information.

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  1. I would say that pretty much all games have memorable moments.


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