Thursday, 13 October 2011

D.I.D Video Games

Who am I?
I have, of late, found myself strangely frightened of a video game series with an amazingly large scope and copious amounts of miscellaneous quests and items to collect. I decided to include this in the blog because it is not something I have ever experienced and it is definitely not a feeling I enjoy. I am talking of course about
Assassins Creed and it's brothers.

There was a time when I yearned for complex games with realist systems for earning money, huge worlds to explore and random NPC missions but as we finally dawn on this I feel somewhat overwhelmed. Assassins Creed is like the poster boy for those sorts of games with its seemingly endless collectibles and missions, of course you can completely skip it all and just play through the excellent story never to look back, but as a completionist that guilt is too much.

Oddly enough this does not mean I am frightened of titles such as the ElderScrolls series or something like Biowares Mass Effect series, scope sits right with those games as it does with any RPG.

So what does this mean then? To me it says something about modern games and their Dissociative identity disorder. Are they Shooters, Adventures, Racers or RPGs? It seems games such as Naughty Dog's Uncharted or EPICs Gears of War which play fluently and intuitively are becoming increasingly rare these days.

Having said all that it's not always a bad idea to merge genres, just that in some cases I feel it's awkward and actually inhibits flow. I have finished both Assassins Creed and it's sequel and I even started on Brotherhood and that discomfort followed me throughout and can't help but think it would play better with more structure and less features.

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  1. Uncharted thought it was Gears of War ^_~


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