Sunday, 30 October 2011

Bioware announces "Warzones"

The wait for Biowares MMO is nearly over and details are emerging fast as we run up to the release for this much anticipated game so it is only natural to hear of some more modes for which to salivate over and one of them is called "Warzones".

Warzones as described by Bioware on the official page, are areas where Republic and Imperial combatants will duel it out for supremacy in objective based PvP. Teams will consist of eight players to a side with all players being rewarded according to their efforts and a victor team chosen at the end of each match.

So far three game modes are advertised, Voidstar, Hutball and Alderan. The objectives of each are different, from destroying opponent transport ships on Alderan to the chaotic sports game of Hutball which looks to be right at home with Quake 3 Arena and then the control point style gameplay of Voidstar with one team attacking and the other team desperately trying to hold the line at various bits of the level.

It all looks to add more sprinkles to an MMO which seems to already have a double coating of chocolate.

Star Wars: The Old Repulic

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