Thursday, 27 October 2011

Playstation 3 has tiger blood.

With each passing year Ps3 fans are even more sure that their chosen console is about to finally break industry standards revealing the true power that Sony intended, but will it ever actually happen?

Whenever a multi-platform game is released I become more and more sure that the only real advantage Ps3 has for developers is the Blu-Ray format, and although that is surely a huge freedom Xbox 360 owners are becoming increasingly accustomed to multiple disks and as we saw with Battlefield 3 recently the results still tipped ever so slightly in Xbox favour.

It's results like these that beg to ask whether either console really has more power this generation, Blu-Ray is an advantage for sure but multiple disks or installs achieve the same effect, even if it's a bulky expensive way to ship a game.

All of that withstanding there is certainly no way that Xbox 360 will ever reach the heights of Naughty Dogs Uncharted series  or Killzone 2&3 due to constraints on format but a good example would be Gran Turismo 5 vs Forza Motorsport 4; which had under half the amount of development time and looks arguably better. It would seem that where Xbox 360 does not require huge amounts of space to house the game it can even surpass Ps3.

But don't take this as an angry fanboy venting because believe me it is not, I don't think I touched my Xbox at all over one year just because I was too busy playing sweet Sony exclusives. The time has passed for wonderment as both consoles stand proud with development going multiplatform on games that are even clearly too big for one lonesome DVD and as the gap draws closer next generation is where the victor of this battle will be truly decided.

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