Wednesday, 26 October 2011

GTA V what's it gonna take?

Ever since gamers got their sweaty, carpal tunnel hands on Grand Theft Auto 3 way back in 2001
they have dreamed of being ale to play within a sandbox environment so real you could basically live there with the correct setup of feed tubes and poop mechanisms. But in 2011 we still await this "game" and with the announcement of GTA V, (yay!) sadly we are no closer.

Despite this, gamers know that we are definitely in for a ride as Rockstar rarely (never) disappoints and GTA V is sure to push a few buttons when it reaches the classification board sometime in the future. The big question Rockstar needs to ask themselves is how far do we need to go in order to reach GTA 3 fame again? that's actually a question for everybody as the game industry and it's target audience has changed quite a bit since 2001 with successful Grand Theft Auto clones popping up giving many fans what they sorely missed in GTA IV.

I'm not going to soil a fantastic announcement so let's just say thank goodness we can finally rest assured it's coming! I don't really care to speculate what the game may be about or where it may take place except to say it will be awesome. Rockstar release the official trailer 2nd November 2011 but for now we have this logo to look at.

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