Tuesday, 25 October 2011

There's something in my eye

It would seem that with the inception of every new game you'd think more developers would want to explore the vast spectrum of human emotions, but they don't. Every now and then some brave developer decides to make a game like Heavy Rain that makes us as gamers feel
the emotions of our on screen character but even some games such as Gears of War which are aimed at a very masochistic audience have lately toyed with tugging at our heart strings to some effect.

I'm not talking about grabbing a box of Kleenex tissues every time you sit down to play through a game, just that rather than just concentrating on making lifelike looking characters developers could also add the element of lifelike situations, one we can relate to as humans. A lot of games are offering small snippets of emotions but they tend to focus on action set pieces that keep the suspense up only to lead us into a boring section with lifeless characters who really mean little to us as the ones experiencing it all.

Next week we will see the release of Uncharted 3, which is part of a series which has consistently brought the characters to the forefront of the game and allowed us not to just play as Nathan Drake but to really like him as a person, see that word I used there? because that's how I and many gamers feel about the characters in that series. They are not just two-dimensional avatars fighting their way to the credits screen, they are people, people we care about and so we want to see how it wraps up (or hope that it wont).

all that can be said here is that hopefully titles like Uncharted or Heavy Rain can influence developers to stop neglecting their characters, it is their story and we are just getting a glimpse into the lives they lead. And no we don't need motion capture to pull off this effect, just grab a Disney movie, watch it and learn.

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