Thursday, 3 November 2011

A Man's guide to Growing up

EB games has come under fire for an Internet video they produced to demonstrate the trade in process. The video aptly titled "Man's Guide To Trading"
has been criticised for being sexist, I am not going to re-publish the quotes here as they are easily accessible elsewhere but I will say that I find the whole situation utterly ridiculous and I for one saw the humour in the clip.

Firstly as a man the amount of times I have seen advertisements on television portraying all men as selfish, beer drinking, Ute loving buffoons is so numerous you could sooner count the amount of times Qantas Airlines failed to properly service their aircraft. Secondly, Grow up, we are all big adults now and if you seriously think this is reinforcing negative stereotypes you need to look at the cess-pit, vampiric, scumbag filled world your inhabiting because trust me their are loads bigger problems out there, like having enough food to eat or getting your legs blown off by governments attempting to "free" you.

Here's the video that is has everybody's knickers underpants in a knot.

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