Tuesday, 14 April 2015

How to Fix Grand Theft Auto V Broken Update bug.

Grand Theft Auto 5 PC, An ironic fix that works better then Rockstar's workaround.

Grand Theft Auto V might have finally made its debut on PC but the belated release has not come without the broken messed up bugs that seem to plauge the majority of ports coming to PC and this one in particular had kept me from booting up the game alongside a congregation of angry consumers
who had waited eagerly for April 14th to come only to discover that a day one patch is refusing to download due to an apparent bug caused by Windows usernames containing certain user names which Rockstar has released a workaround for for the time being.

However if like me you not only loathed the fact that you need such a stupid workaround to use a product you spent your hard earned cash on and also that particular workaround seemed to not actually work for you then I found another solution that at least solves the problem of the 361Mb patch that refuses to download through Rockstar's terrible launcher.

Essentially the solution is to simply download the update from another source and then drop it into the GTAV folder where the .exe resides and you can find that particular update here  however ignore all the unscrupulous talk about game cracks and the P word, it is a torrent site after all.

After downloading the torrent (which I am going to simply assume you already know how to do) copy the contents of the Update folder into you GTAV directory and then load the Social Club launcher, the game will recognise that the patch is downloaded and low and behold you're in the game configuring a bevy of graphics options and ready to play.

Naturally it would be nice if Rockstar would simply think of this themselves and add the update for a manual download on their own site like good old days before DRM destroyed gaming as we know it but this will have to do for now and I can't help but laugh at the irony of a fix coming in the form in that it took. If you are desperate to play the game and Rockstar's own suggestions don't work for you as they didn't for myself then it is the only solution for now.

Hopefully this particular workaround gets you in the game Rockstar Games quickly addresses this rocky launch.

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