Monday, 21 May 2012

The Old Republic - Patch 1.3 hopes to bring subscribers back

Bioware's massive and ambitious MMO The Old Republic may have disappointed 400,000 players causing them to terminate subscriptions but the show goes on.

A new patch, in fact two new patches are already in the works with the first 1.3 currently termed "Allies" hoping to bring in new players and even convince the old ones to take a second look.

Some of the known features for the upcoming update include a new Group finder interface to combat the waves of new low-level characters being created enabling players to find a suitable group no matter the planet.

"Now players have spread all across the leveling curve and the Legacy system is causing players to roll new characters like never before which means we need a simple, flexible system to put players together with other players in their level band." were the words of Lead Game Designer Daniel Erickson as told to IGN.

As an additional complement to the Group finder feature the long awaited character transfers (Hear me whine about that in this weeks Woobercast) are arriving at last although at this stage it appears it will be limited to light servers or those that need it most, so there is no more excuse to be stuck in dead servers.

And like any good desert the update will not be served without it's chocolate sprinkles and in this case it's the ability to now take any green item armour to the Augment table and add upgrades, on top of that fans of social gear can now rest assured it is useful in any situation with the update causing all social costumes to scale to ones own level.

No doubt there will be a slew of smaller features added with Daniel Erickson finishing his interview with this

"1.3 is primarily a features update, adding new functionality and quality of life systems to the game."

Sources: IGN

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