Thursday, 16 February 2012

Excitement builds for the PS Vita

With just over a week left until the Aussie release of Sony PlayStation's exciting new handheld the PS Vita Australians are ecstatic at the chance to finally get their hands on a portable platform for real gamers, titles like Uncharted: Golden Abyss are sure to fly off the shelf.

Naturally as one of these Aussie gamers I am united in the enthusiasm and looking at February 28th as a new day for handheld consoles when people might move away from this app based gaming obsession that has put real games on the back shelf. The only question is; can Sony pull it off?. Reviews so far are mixed but Australians have always been enthusiastic about our friends from Japan and I have no doubts that this console will be something beautiful.

On Sony PlayStation's Youtube channel you can check out an excellent advertisement that I felt really highlighted what the PS Vita is all about, with great AAA titles and the ability to play them comfortably with dual analogue sticks the only way this could be a monumental fail would be some sort of apocalyptic event, unless you are an avid fan of new age consipiracy/fantasy then I would say drop your money on one when it launches here and let the good times roll.

Check out the advertisement.

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