Sunday, 29 January 2012

Guess who's back?

This blog has declined somewhat (completely) to little more than another static site in a vast universe of blogger domains, but I'm back now and here is a little rundown on my plans for the future.

Gaming is still very much a passion of mine but adult gamers like myself will concede that it is also an expensive and time consuming habit hobby that offers few rewards for the hectic reality of which all adults take part in and as such this blog has been a little neglected. But I am proud to say that because Bioware has crafted a game world in Star Wars: The Old Republic that few can resist  one idea has been that I will do something a bit fun with that in the near future.

Another addition to blog will most definitely be an achievement based list for the Windows Phone 7 platform which although is a fantastic gaming platform, there seems to be abhorrent determination from many websites to simply ignore its existence.

What has inspired me is that when coming back to the blog after my evanesce it was expected to see that there had not been any attention since after my fall into obscurity, to my amazement it was still being visited and was most probably leaving the impression that this blog has long since been abandoned.
Bullshit alert!

So if your reading this post and thinking any of those things above know that I am here, lurking in the shadows watching over the world of gaming, waiting for you to bookmark this blog so that when I return - and I will, you will be treated to an amazing array of wonderfully creative articles and content so incredible you might just never visit any other website again, becoming little more than mouthpieces for my secret underground gaming regime.
Reality check
Disregard bullshit alert and bookmark this blog!

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