Monday, 14 November 2011

Making Skyrim even better

The Internet is abuzz with TES V: Skyrim reviews singing it's praises, meanwhile the official modders tools have not even been released yet but the modders community is already hard at work creating new textures and pleasing sick unsatisfied nerds with "new skins" for females within the game. Anyway here are some of the ones I have been using over the past few days.

Vurts Skyrim Flora Overhaul by vurt

While hardly an overhaul just yet, judging by this modders previous work this one will no doubt be one you'll be updating until you finally lay Skyrim to rest. At the moment it's basically just some beautiful High resolution texture replacers but as the name suggests you can expect alot more when the construction set is released.



Display time on loading screen by Kenney


Got something important to attend? or maybe you just like having a quick game before work, whatever it is cutting into your Skyrim time with this neat little mod you won't have to have to explain to people that you just wanted to get a few more dragon souls but then got distracted by what you thought was a simple errand mission.


Enhanced Blood Textures by dDefinder


If those low-res textures are ruining your lust for blood then this mod is definitely for you.


Enhanced Night Skyrim by CptJoker


If you have been spending your Skyrim nights staring up at the stars and they just were not good enough for your Perfectionist nature then you will need this mod. The Enhancement cleverly replaces only the star field so that the constellation system of the sky remains the same while having a realistic backdrop taken from real starfield photography.


Moon texture replacer pack by akindain


A moon replacing mod which features quite a few interesting and lovely moons including the moon from Zelda: Majoras Mask, which is undoubtedly what you will download it for.


Map Improved by athfkarl


When I first got to test out the new 3d map in skyrim I was disappointed with its lack of "3dness" so naturally someone out there would make a mod to fix that. Map improved gives you full ground zoom, can take out the blur effect as well as the clouds and works indoors so it's pretty much a must.

So that's what I am using at the moment but make sure to leave a comment and let everyone else know what your favourites are so far.

You can download all of these mods at Skyrim Nexus after a short sign up process and please make sure to click the endorse button on the individual mods if you enjoy them.

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