Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Windows phone 7.5 great, but not the greatest.

Is The new iPhone 4Gs stealing thunder from Wp7.5?

Ahhh... Windows phone 7, from day one you have both intrigued me with your simple yet beautiful design yet confounded me as to why you must operate the way you do seemingly not understanding the very "Windows" in your Title yet pulling it off with such elegance you can't help but smirk when you see others using iOS or it's serious competitor Android.
But unfortunately Windows phone 7 is also like a one legged supermodel (for lack of a more tasteful analogy) and although I love my Omnia 7 device it wouldn't take much for me to trade up.

 The last line in the previous paragraph might have some people confused, after all if i think this phone is so great why would consider swapping to another OS? The short answer is because i have an inferiority complex, the long explanation is the various niggles that actually take away from the free flowing experience that is windows phone 7.5

 One of my first complaints is the Xbox live hub, which is the very thing that convinced many users to buy the phone in the first place. Why doesn't the app have a profile login screen similar to the actual Xbox 360? I realise that this is not a problem for those that do not ever share their phone but for people in relationships it is quite common and a huge oversight on Microsoft's part. Seriously what sort of encouragement is there for games with achievements if people who use my phone earn them all for me?

 Which leads me to my next criticism, The games themselves while excellent at entertaining iPhone lovers are actually wrong for the platform. You see when gamers like me heard that they (Microsoft) were implementing Xbox live into the next Windows phones we (Gamers) imagined the same quality level we have seen on the said Xbox, does that sound crazy? That's not to say that there are no quality titles for the platform just that Android and iPhone have more, The Harvest and Tentacles for Wp7 are not only great touch phone games but great games in general.

Other than this, as i can't stress enough, the Windows 7.5 OS is the most beautiful and flowing I have used and I await Windows 8 for tablets and PC eagerly. Unfortunately The OS took till now to fully realise itself which means all that stuff we thought was cool a year ago is now being emulated by Apple, and we know Apple are the great innovators. From speech integration into the operating system to a gaming hub itself the big players have already taken note of Microsoft's phone OS and now is definitely not the time for complacency. To quote Oscar Wilde, “No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly.”

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